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Comments on rule questions, new interpretations, problems, unpopular Rule 62 (Redress) decisions, summary of the facts, conclusions and decisions of Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) actions, problems with Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race and experience with experimental procedures.
This was an excellent regatta with courses for keelboats, Optimists, mixed dinghies and the new SV14 Parasailing class. Winds varied from good to very light. The SV14 generated a lot of interest as a low cost two person disabled sailing boat, and comments on it were very favourable(this was its first regatta). The jury admin system from 'racing rules of' was trialed and generally worked well and integrated with the event website. Courses and race management were excellent, except that there was no way of shortening two of the long races which overran the time limit due to wind drop out. Perhaps a virtual GPS bounded finish line where physical marks are not available would save races. As always at this event onshore organization and hospitality was perfect. - HKGTS1
Ner of classes: 14
Entries: 175
Ner of Countries represented: 16
Ner of Races sailed: 130
Ner of requests for redress: 2
Ner of requests for redress for OCS: 0
Ner of requests for OCS granted: 0
Total number of hearings: 4
Total number of arbitrations: 0
Penalty %: 0
To be completed only if Appendix P was applied.
Number of First Penalties (Appendix P2.1): 12
Number of Second Penalties (Appendix P2.2): 0
Number of Third Penalties (Appendix P2.3): 0
P2.3 Subsequent Penalties: 0
Top Of The Gulf Regatta
Date Event Started
30 April 2019
Event Location:
Group Event belongs:
K - South & Central Asia
Jury Chairman's name:
Tom Sheppard
Jury chairman's email:
Judge submitting report:
Ben Harding
Email of judge submitting report:
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Rut Subniran THARS2 / IJ
Tom Sheppard HKGTS1 / IJ
Mark Pryke AUSMP1 / IJ
Ben Harding HKGBH1 / NJ
Leonard Chin MASLC2 / IJ
Rut Subniran THARS2 / IJ
Tom Sheppard HKGTS1 / IJ
Mark Pryke AUSMP1 / IJ
Ben Harding HKGBH1 / NJ
Leonard Chin MASLC2 / IJ