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Comments on rule questions, new interpretations, problems, unpopular Rule 62 (Redress) decisions, summary of the facts, conclusions and decisions of Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) actions, problems with Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race and experience with experimental procedures.
The event consists of an inter-port passage race starting from Port Klang and ending at Langkawi with stops at Pangkor and Penang. There were harbour races in Penang and Langkawi which constituted part of the series of passage and harbour races. A total of 6 keelboat classes took part. Conditions this year for racing were good.

The jury panel started off with 4 members for the first leg from Port Klang to Pangkor and was therefore not properly constituted in accordance with Appendix N as the 5th member could only arrive when the race had reached the 3rd port of Penang. The teams were briefed that hearings if any, would be under N1.4. However, as there were no protests during this period, it was not an issue. Unfortunately, at the last port of the race in Langkawi, the same 5th member had a medical emergency and had to leave early. Fortunately, a past eminent member of the jury happened to be visiting the event and availed himself. The OA appointed him as a 5th member of the jury in compliance with Appendix N to replace the judge who had a medical emergency.

The jury had a good working relationship with the RC and the OA. The OA did a splendid job of managing the event at every port as well as the logistics and movement of resources from one port to the other. As the 28th edition of the regatta, the development of the unique combination of passage and harbour races, resulted in the Sailing Instructions (SI) having been edited and amended many times over the years for fine-tuning purposes.The jury recommends that parts of the SI be reworded for clarity prior to the next edition of the regatta. - SINJN2
Ner of classes: 6
Entries: 30
Ner of Countries represented: 6
Ner of Races sailed: 37
Ner of requests for redress: 1
Ner of requests for redress for OCS: 0
Ner of requests for OCS granted: 0
Total number of hearings: 2
Total number of arbitrations: 0
Penalty %: 0
To be completed only if Appendix P was applied.
Number of First Penalties (Appendix P2.1): 0
Number of Second Penalties (Appendix P2.2): 0
Number of Third Penalties (Appendix P2.3): 0
P2.3 Subsequent Penalties: 0
Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta 2017
Date Event Started
17 November 2017
Event Location:
Port Klang, Pangkor, Penang, Langkawi
Group Event belongs:
K - South & Central Asia
Jury Chairman's name:
Leonard Chin
Jury chairman's email:
Judge submitting report:
Jerrold Ng
Email of judge submitting report:
Was this an International Jury Panel ?
Please name each judge (including the chairman) and their country and IJ or NJ certification. one per line
Bryan Willis GBRBW35 / IJ
Chu Say Ng MASSC1 / NJ
Jerrold Ng SINJN2 / NJ
Hong Kit Lock SINHL2 / IJ
Gurvinderpal Julka INDGJ1 / IJ
Leonard Chin MASLC2 / IJ
Bryan Willis GBRBW35 / IJ
Chu Say Ng MASSC1 / NJ
Jerrold Ng SINJN2 / NJ
Hong Kit Lock SINHL2 / IJ
Gurvinderpal Julka INDGJ1 / IJ
Leonard Chin MASLC2 / IJ