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Comments on rule questions, new interpretations, problems, unpopular Rule 62 (Redress) decisions, summary of the facts, conclusions and decisions of Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) actions, problems with Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race and experience with experimental procedures.
The regatta was the first major event in Hong Kong for IQ foiling windsurfers. These are rapidly superseding the traditional windsurfer fleet and form the basis for the National training programme.
Conditions were excellent, winds generally 15+ knots (occasionally over 20 and down to 10) Water was largely flat in Tai Tam Bay so speeds and performance were high. There was a mixture of trapezoidal courses and Slalom for the IQ foilers, with two 'Marathon' long distance races around local islands. Course setting was excellent with only minor issues. The local jury members were on the water for all races, although observation was limited to those parts of the course that they could get to (RIBs could not keep up with the foilers) Rule observance was good with a low number of protests.
The hearings were held by Zoom, (strict quarantine regulations in Hong Kong preventing overseas jurors attending in person) The zoom process worked well apart from the difficulty of hearing some participants using laptop microphones.
Overall an excellent event marking the transition of windsurfing to the new discipline, enthusiastically endorsed by sailors as young as 12 years. Well done, WAHK! - HKGTS1
Ner of classes: 19
Entries: 134
Ner of Countries represented: 4
Ner of Races sailed: 207
Ner of requests for redress: 1
Ner of requests for redress for OCS: 0
Ner of requests for OCS granted: 0
Total number of hearings: 4
Total number of arbitrations: 0
Penalty %: 0
To be completed only if Appendix P was applied.
Number of First Penalties (Appendix P2.1): 0
Number of Second Penalties (Appendix P2.2): 0
Number of Third Penalties (Appendix P2.3): 0
P2.3 Subsequent Penalties: 0
Haitong International Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championship
Date Event Started
14 December 2021
Event Location:
Stanley Beach Watersport Centre, HKG
Group Event belongs:
J - East Asia
Jury Chairman's name:
Tom Sheppard
Jury chairman's email:
Judge submitting report:
Tom Sheppard
Email of judge submitting report:
PRO at event :
Joan Chau
PRO sailorID and status:
Email of PRO submitting report:
Was this an International Jury Panel ?
Please name each judge (including the chairman) and their country and IJ or NJ certification. one per line
David Fan HKGDF2 / NJ
Howard Elliott AUSHE3 / IJ
Ilker Bayindir TURIB1 / IJ
Lesley Anderson CYPLA1 / NJ
Tom Sheppard HKGTS1 / IJ
David Fan HKGDF2 / NJ
Howard Elliott AUSHE3 / IJ
Ilker Bayindir TURIB1 / IJ
Lesley Anderson CYPLA1 / NJ
Tom Sheppard HKGTS1 / IJ