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Comments on rule questions, new interpretations, problems, unpopular Rule 62 (Redress) decisions, summary of the facts, conclusions and decisions of Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) actions, problems with Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race and experience with experimental procedures.
Algerien team was very supportive and trying to provide any help that was needed. Also in the course of the week the procedures of communication and management improved greatly.
Travel organization: all jury members got their tickets and accreditation the day before leaving. The contact to the OA was not sufficient before the event. Flights were not booked as requested, which cased a lot of extra changes (e.g. all flights were booked from capital of the country)
The majority of the hearings was Request for Redress concerning RC. RC was not experienced and was lacking a PRO to provide guidance.
The race office team was not experienced enough to handle such big event.
All jury work had to be done on paper and on physical notice board. There was no communication with the athletes possible by any web application.
There were no radios allowed to be used by Jury on the water. Jury boats were heavy and caused lots of wake.
Mohamed Soukeur (NJ ALGMS1) should be encouraged to become IJ
Ner of classes: 4
Entries: 85
Ner of Countries represented: 18
Ner of Races sailed: 53
Ner of requests for redress: 10
Ner of requests for redress for OCS: 5
Ner of requests for OCS granted: 1
Total number of hearings: 21
Total number of arbitrations: 0
Penalty %: 0
To be completed only if Appendix P was applied.
Number of First Penalties (Appendix P2.1): 14
Number of Second Penalties (Appendix P2.2): 4
Number of Third Penalties (Appendix P2.3): 1
P2.3 Subsequent Penalties: 1
Mediterranean Games Oran 2022
Date Event Started
27 June 2022
Event Location:
Group Event belongs:
Q - Africa-South of the Sahara
Jury Chairman's name:
Romain Gautier
Jury chairman's email:
Judge submitting report:
Angela Stenger
Email of judge submitting report:
PRO at event :
PRO sailorID and status:
Email of PRO submitting report:
Was this an International Jury Panel ?
Please name each judge (including the chairman) and their country and IJ or NJ certification. one per line
Mirko Ukas CROMU1 / IJ
Angela Stenger GERAS62 / IJ
Mohamed Soukeur ALGMS1 / NJ
Romain Gautier FRARG10 / IJ
Amar Cherkit ALGAC1 / NJ
Mirko Ukas CROMU1 / IJ
Angela Stenger GERAS62 / IJ
Mohamed Soukeur ALGMS1 / NJ
Romain Gautier FRARG10 / IJ
Amar Cherkit ALGAC1 / NJ