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Comments on rule questions, new interpretations, problems, unpopular Rule 62 (Redress) decisions, summary of the facts, conclusions and decisions of Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) actions, problems with Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race and experience with experimental procedures.
(1) A very well organised and inclusive event by the organising committee. One boat requested dispensation to use additional side tank padding for medical reasons as the helm had mobility issues being physically challenged. This was approved by the PRO. Members of the OA from the class and the host club were also competitors in the event. The class was happy to see more youth participation at this Worlds as it was a class that was traditionally mainly sailed by the adult seniors.

(2) The OA sought approval with the local MNA, Australian Sailing, for a properly constituted International Jury, and was properly granted before the event.

(3) All 107 boats started together on a two-part starting line with the RC signal vessel in the middle. The preparatory signal for the first attempt of the start was with code flag “P”.

(4) Most of the boats that were penalised on the water for RRS 42 either came to the Jury boat on the water or met with the Jury on shore after racing for an explanation. Some of the competitors expressed disappointment with the judges’ observations and decisions on penalising them for RRS 42.

(5) App T applied. Arbitration helped to solve one of the five cases without going to a full hearing. - SGPJN1
Ner of classes: 1
Entries: 107
Ner of Countries represented: 6
Ner of Races sailed: 10
Ner of requests for redress: 2
Ner of requests for redress for OCS: 2
Ner of requests for OCS granted: 1
Total number of hearings: 5
Total number of arbitrations: 2
Number of % penalties: 0
To be completed only if Appendix P was applied.
Number of First Penalties (Appendix P2.1): 9
Number of Second Penalties (Appendix P2.2): 0
Number of Third Penalties (Appendix P2.3): 0
P2.3 Subsequent Penalties: 0
2024 Tasar World Championships
Date Event Started
2 January 2024
Event Location:
Sandringham Yacht Club, Melbourne, AUS
Group Event belongs:
L - SW Pacific
Jury Chairman's name:
Philippe Mazard
Jury chairman's email:
Judge submitting report:
Jerrold Ng
Email of judge submitting report:
PRO at event :
Stephen Aulich
PRO sailorID and status:
Email of PRO:
Was this an International Jury Panel ?
Please name each judge (including the chairman) and their country and IJ or NJ certification. one per line
Paul Pascoe AUSPP3 / IJ
Jerrold Ng SGPJN1 / IJ
Boguslaw Moczorodynski POLBM3 / IJ
Philippe Mazard FRAPM49 / IJ
Darren Eger AUSDE5 / NJ
Paul Pascoe AUSPP3 / IJ
Jerrold Ng SGPJN1 / IJ
Boguslaw Moczorodynski POLBM3 / IJ
Philippe Mazard FRAPM49 / IJ
Darren Eger AUSDE5 / NJ